Provider Connect

Contract providers submit their invoices / claims to Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health through a web portal called Provider Connect. This portal can be accessed using the link below.

For questions and/or more information regarding Provider Connect, please contact:

ELMR Support
Phone: (951) 955-7360
Fax: (951)955-7361

Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health “ELMR” system (Electronic Management of Records) tutorial

Effective July 1, 2016, all Substance Use Contract Providers will be able to access the County’s ELMR system after opening a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Substance Use

Initial Contact for Substance Use Contractors in regards to password resets, service authorizations, data entry, billing, practitioner enrollment and reports.

Substance Abuse Administration
Phone: (951) 782-2400
Fax:  (951) 358-4792

Invoice Processing Unit / Program Integrity Forms
Contact: Barbara Borninkhof
Phone: (951) 358-4550
Fax: (951) 358-4792

Report Distribution System

Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health electronic health record implementation team has developed a method to share reports with our Providers to enhance the availability of information. This method of receiving information is provided through a web-based report distribution system called the Report Distribution Solution (RDS). The RDS application is a secure, streamlined method to organize and deliver reports. In the RDS application, reports can be requested, viewed, shared, and saved to a local network or workstation. Once you are connected to the county intranet, from Internet Explorer access RDS with the following URL: http://Shakespeare.rcmh.local/RptSvr