Getting Support Some community members may need support, but are not necessarily in need of therapy or psychiatric assistance, in the formal sense. Peer Support Specialists understand this and work to support anyone who may need someone to listen or a person that understands how behavioral health, medical and social services work in the community. Sometimes people need assistance to navigate the systems, or want to explore options that may not be aware of. Anyone wishing for Peer Support can just ask. There are Peer Support Specialists working in all programs in the behavioral health system. Any community member can walk into a Peer Support & Resource Center or access the TakemyHand Live Peer Chat to start a conversation. Peer Support Specialists are the evidence that recovery is possible. They can share their unique insights with anyone needing support. They share their lived experiences of walking through mental health or substance challenges, they understand what works for them and how another person may benefit from the support of a mentor. Peer Support comes from the person who will encourage others by saying, “If I can do it, I believe that you can, too.”

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