Child Health Services

At all our CHCs, we offer pediatric primary care services including:

  • Diagnosis of conditions including flu, colds, diabetes, etc.
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions
  • Exams
    • Blood tests
    • Dental assessments
    • Health education
    • Hearing screening
    • Immunizations
    • Lead screening
    • Nutritional assessments
    • Physicals
    • TB tests
    • Urine tests
    • Vision screening

If we can’t resolve a problem at our CHCs, we refer pediatric patients to a hospital, specialist, public health nursing, or other appropriate department.

Eligibility & Fees

Our staff is happy to help you determine which programs are available to help pay for the services your child needs. Here are several payment options:

  • Medi-Cal (for anyone from birth to 21 years of age)
  • HealthyKids program (for children from birth to 5 years who had the Healthy Kids Program)
  • Children may qualify for CHDP funding depending on family size and income
  • Any child attending a state licensed Preschool/HeadStart Program is eligible for an examination

Our helpful staff will assist you in determining which programs are available to help pay services.


Call the main scheduling line at 1-800-720-9553

Or find a location here