Simulation Lab

​Associate Program Director, Dr. Iona Pasca has put together a state-of-the-art simulation learning lab with the support of past of past members of the program (thank you Dr. Kellie Morris). In addition to Dr. Morris' handmade vomiting intubation mannequin (patent pending!), Dr. Pasca has added a TTE/TEE simulator, central line/brachial plexus block simulator, and an epidural/spinal simulator. These will allow residents to gain familiarity with procedures prior to having to perform them greatly increasing comfort level and hopefully success level. As the simulation lab grows, it will undoubtedly become a foundational component of the RUHS training experience.


Our newest addition to the RUHS faculty team, Dr. Jessica Lee demonstrating TEE on the simulator!

Doctors up close

Dr. Loo walking Dr. Han through central line placement utilizing the central line and brachial plexus nerve block simulator under the guidance of Dr. Cheng.

Doctors with equipment

The CA-1 class reassembling an anesthesia machine- jacks of all trades!

Dr. Nguyen threading a central line guidewire under the direction of Dr. Loo- looks cardiac ready!