About the RUHS / ​UCR Family Medicine Residency Program

Our Program

The RUHS / ​UCR Family Medicine Residency Program is a core part of the primary care foundation of Riverside University Health System. We work collaboratively with other hospital departments to provide high-quality and comprehensive care.

The RUHS Medical Center is a state-of-the-art 439-bed county hospital that provides care to an under-served and diverse patient population of the Inland Empire. The unique training experience offers our resident physicians an opportunity to make a positive impact within our community with rewarding experiences that will follow throughout their professional careers.

Our residency program’s continuity clinic is housed at the new Moreno Valley Community Health Center (MVCHC), which is a Federally Health Qualified Center (FQHC) three miles from RUHS-MC that provides comprehensive care to our vulnerable patient population, including behavioral health and social services.

Our Mission

We strive to develop individuals with diverse backgrounds into competent physicians who are highly skilled in delivering comprehensive and patient-centered care. Our goal is to produce family physicians who are well equipped with the proficiency to be advocates for their patients and families and to be leaders in the community in an underserved setting.

Our Educational Goals

Our goal for the residency program is to educate in the broad spectrum of family medicine, provide an experience in a mix of extensive clinical pathology and prepare for the challenges unique to populations in need. We also provide the academic tools to be life-long learners, scholars and resourceful physicians in a nurturing environment that embraces professionalism and offers a structured and balanced curriculum.

Our Community

Throughout the years, our program has thrived in an environment with a strong commitment to the underserved populations of Riverside County. The Inland Empire of California is among one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, yet is established as a Medically Under-served Area by the California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission. Our program seeks to address this medical shortage directly by recruiting and retaining excellent primary care physicians.
The patient demographics of the community served by our program include Latinx, White, Black/African-American, and, Asian/Pacific Islander. The payor mix for our population is on average 84% Medi-Cal, 7% Medicare, 1.5% indigent, 5% self-pay, 2% private payor. We partner with community organizations and RUHS Public Health to identify social determinants of health and reduce health disparities for our diverse patient population.

Our Graduates

Our graduates practice in a variety of settings within the Inland Empire and outside of California: community health centers, small-group practice, hospitalist medicine, and academic centers. No matter the setting or location, the vast majority of our graduates continue to work with under-served and vulnerable populations.;