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Sweet Success Program

Diabetes is a complication for up to 7-14% of pregnant women. The California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP) Sweet Success provides comprehensive technical support and education to medical personnel and community liaisons to assist in promoting improved pregnancy outcomes for high-risk pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes and women who develop diabetes while pregnant; gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

The mission of Sweet Success is to promote best practices of care for pregnant women who have preexisting or gestational diabetes. Sweet Success strives to optimize maternal and neonatal birth outcomes, slow or prevent ongoing diabetes among women with gestational diabetes and reduce complications of diabetes among women with preexisting diabetes.

The goals of Sweet Success are to:

  1. Promote quality medical management, psychosocial and nutrition interventions for women with diabetes or for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy so their pregnancy outcomes match those of women in the general population with respect to:
    1. Intrauterine growth patterns
    2. Birth defects
    3. Morbidity and mortality of both mother and infant
  2. Promote healthy lifestyle changes in order to prevent recurrent gestational diabetes or development of diabetes after pregnancy and to prevent the complications of diabetes among women who have overt diabetes.

The overall CDAPP Sweet Success goals are accomplished by:

  1. The CDAPP Sweet Success Resource and Training Center which develops and maintains web-based training and disseminates diabetes resources. The Center provides web-based information to affiliated health care professionals and clinics who provide services to pregnant women with preexisting diabetes or women who develop diabetes while pregnant.
  2. CDAPP Sweet Success Affiliates who promote optimal management of diabetes, before, during, and after pregnancy. Affiliates are encouraged to:
    1. Use the CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care.
    2. Utilize interdisciplinary health care teams to provide preventive and health promoting strategies that are culturally appropriate and research-based.
    3. Collect and analyze clinical data for validation of services to patients and for quality improvement (QI) activities.

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