Did you know that in Riverside County African American women are 1.3 times more likely to go into preterm labor, and 4 times more likely to have complications during pregnancy? Infants born to African American mothers are nearly two times as likely to be born at a low birth weight. Worst of all, that same infant is at a great risk to die within the first year of life compared to babies of other ethnic groups.

Riverside University Health System-Public Health is trying to change that trend through its Black Infant Health Program (BIH).

Our vision “Empowering African American women, children and families for a healthier tomorrow”.

BIH was created by the California Department of Public Health, this forward-thinking program to address the high rate of infant mortality in African American babies. BIH helps to empower African American moms to make behavioral changes that lead to living a healthier lifestyles, while also empowering them to incorporate and practice effective stress-reduction strategies. BIH also helps the moms to create stronger positive connections to their heritage and with African-American women in their community.


BIH Services include: 

  • Supportive group sessions that include10 prenatal and 10 postpartum educational sessions
  • Group sessions that provide social support, empowerment and stress reduction
  • Public Health Nurse and Medical Social Worker support
  • Health Educators provide health education in group sessions and support women with attaining personal goals
  • Individual Client Plans / Life Plans to help mothers plan their future
  • Transportation assistance (Gas Cards, Bus Passes)
  • Healthy refreshments provided at every session
  • Incentives to recognize and appreciate attendance at the weekly sessions
  • Referrals to needed services and resources within the community 

BIH Group Session Topics:
Topics include healthy pregnancy, stress management, family planning, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, child passenger safety, SIDS awareness, healthy eating, exercise during pregnancy, preterm birth awareness, chronic disease prevention, exercise, healthy relationships, empowerment and goal-setting.

How to Enroll: 
To Enroll in this free service you must be an African American woman, 16 years or older, pregnant or have a baby up to 6 months old. To learn more about the Black Infant Health Program, please complete the referral form and contact:

  • Maternal, Child Adolescent Health Program

             Email - MCAHRivcoReferrals@ruhealth.org

             Phone number- (800)- 794-4814 

             Fax- (951) 358-4762

Online Referral Form

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Black Infant Health Program
Black Infant Health Program

Black Infant Health Program
Black Infant Health Program
Childhood Trauma
Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma
Childhood Trauma