Women's Health

Our Women’s Health professionals are focused on providing outstanding care, while also taking appropriate precautions to make our clinical care facilities among the safest possible places to receive healthcare at this time.

We recognize that the current pandemic may have raised concerns about keeping your medical appointments. To address these concerns we are pleased to provide you with an update about the steps we’ve taken to protect the health and safety of our patients, caregivers and communities.



A spacious lobby at the Women’s Health Center allows for proper social distancing before and during registration as well as when waiting to be roomed. Acrylic shields are in place at all points of the intake process.

Patients are brought into the Women's Health Center through doors that are closest to their clinical care area, to avoid walking them through the entire clinic.

Rooms are cleaned after each patient use with appropriate solutions and all contact surfaces are sanitized.



All patients are screened upon entry to the Medical Surgical Center for symptoms and given a mask.

Testing is available for all patients that have symptoms that may raise concern for COVID-19 infection.

Precautions are taken when providers are seeing patients, including wearing of masks and hand washing/hand sanitizer before and after visits.

Video visits or telehealth visits are conducted when appropriate to mitigate the number of patients actually moving through the Women's Health Center. These virtual care return appointments can be scheduled through your provider.



All employees are supplied with masks and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for their level of patient interaction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines are used for employees who have tested positive regarding their safe ability to return to work. Testing is available for all employees that have symptoms that may raise concern for COVID-19 infection.

Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery

All patients admitted to Labor and Delivery do not have to have a Covid test. If the patient is symptomatic, a Covid test will be administered. Hospital staff follow the general policy for personal protective equipment. Visitors to the hospital will be required to wear a surgical face mask. We allow spouses/partners/family members and a labor coach (3 persons) during labor. They are screened but not tested (partner, family and/or coach) must be masked. For a cesarean section, one person will be allowed into the operating room based on the status of the patient. One visitor (partner or family member) will be allowed to spend the night in our OB/PP unit. All other visitor guidelines apply.

Hospital staff follow the general policy for personal protective equipment (PPE).



If the patient is COVID-19 positive, they are delivered in our COVID-19 area in Labor and Delivery which has UV-C lights installed in the rooms as well as HEPA-filtration. We also have a dedicated COVID-19 operating room for Cesarean sections.

All scheduled Cesarean sections and inductions of labor are prescreened and tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their scheduled procedure.

Gowns, masks, head and foot covers and face shields are worn during all deliveries. N-95 masks are added for delivering the COVID-19 positive patient.

All babies born to COVID-19 positive mothers are tested at 24 and 48 hours of life.

Labor Coaches

Spouses / Partners / Labor Coaches

We allow spouses/partners and a labor coach (2 persons) during labor.  They are screened but not tested. Visitors (partner and coach) must be masked. For a cesarean section, the partner cannot go into the operating room, but can cohort with the patient after surgery.

The labor coach must leave after delivery however the spouse/partner can remain, but cannot leave the patients room until the patient is discharged.

Meals for the spouse/partner and coach are provided while in the hospital.

Labor Delivery Map